"Managers and Lawyers"
How the distance between these two people should be maintained?

"Is it okay to talk to a lawyer about this?"
To all business owners who have ever thought so. 

I believe that a lawyer should be the first person you can talk to about even the most trivial of problems. In order for my clients to be able to consult with me with peace of mind, I have studied not only law but also business administration, psychology, and other fields related to management, and I have adopted business coaching to help my clients make business decisions. 

However, the most important thing is,,,

To hear from you about your business and vision thoroughly. I am always excited to hear the business stories of my clients, because no two are alike.

"That person understands my thoughts."

I believe that this sense of security leads to a relationship of trust where my clients can consult me about anything without feeling defensive. It is through close communication that allows us to prevent management problems. I will do my best to support you in moving forward.

Fields of legal services

  • Problems with business partners

  • Drafting and legal checks of contracts

  • Debt collection

  • Personnel and labor issues and power harassment

  • Real estate issues

  • Business succession, M&A, intellectual property rights, etc.

Profile Kota Hatooka

Lawyer, Business Coach

LB.A. and M.A., Keio University
2007 Registered as an attorney at law
2013-15 Legal Counsel, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2017 Certified Management Psychologists
2018 Certified Expert in Business Succession and M&A
2019 Certified Master Coach, Foundation of Global Life Learning Center
2019 Certified Standard-level IPO Professional, Japan IPO Practical Skill Examination General Incorporated Association
2019 Certified Business Succession Specialist
2019 Certified Professional Executive Coach, BCS
2020 Certified Negotiation Analyst Level 1, Japan Society for Negotiation Studies